What On Earth Is

What On Earth Is Going On At Nighttime While We Sleep?

Children of GOD!

With the grace of GOD, I am going to try to expose many demonic secrets with this article and rain down some of the light of CHRIST on top of satan's head as you read down below.

Topics so evil, so scary, so hidden, and some of them so embarrassing, that few people are writing or talking about them on the Internet......

So let us stop wasting time and get started now and I pray that GOD will bless you, encourage you, motivate you and teach you more and more as you study this article.

Love, your servant Garrett

So what exactly is happening while we sleep in our bedrooms at nighttime?

Topic 1: Choked By A Demon

Approximately 15 different times in the last 8 years has a demon tried to choke me to death while I was sleeping.

While sleeping, GOD has been having me go through the terrible experience of having a evil angel try to choke me to death....... When I wake up in sheer terror, I am just about 3/4's dead. What that means is, I had not breathed in any air while sleeping for the last minute or two, and as I wake up, I have only a few seconds to try to breathe in air as my heart is beating extremely fast.

I literally just have seconds to get some air into my lungs or I will pass out. During the approximately 15 times this has happened to me, some of the experiences were much worse than others. In some of them I was so close to passing out when I woke up, that death was right around the corner. While other times I was able to breathe in some air a little easier real fast and try to slow down my heart beat.....

And if all of this was not bad enough, when I wake up, there is also pure evil in my bedroom. So I am waking in in shock that I am just about dead, and now I have to go through the experience that there is a very evil presence with me while I am just about dead. With not being able to breathe, having a evil angel trying to kill me, my heart racing extremely fast because I have not breathed in any air for a few minutes, and the feeling of pure evil in the room, all I can say is →

This experience is very scary, very frightening, and it is traumatizing too! This is a very traumatizing experience to go through and I do not want anyone to have to go through these experiences.......

During some of the real bad experiences of almost being choked to death, I literally could not go back to bed for hours at a time.......

I want all of you to know that being choked to death is a very slow, very nasty, very surreal, very unpleasant way of being killed. The death lasts for minutes and during that time, you are going through a very very rare experience which we call dying.........

If none of you have gone through the experience of dying yet, it is very VERY SURREAL!!!!!!!

Since most of you have not gone through the experience of being slowly killed yet, you cannot know what it feels like...

And yes, going through death is a very real, very different, and very shocking emotional feeling.....

And since all of this is true, I want you to know that children of GOD all over the world are going through this late night experience of being choked by a demon.

IT IS NOT JUST HAPPENING TO ME, but this is happening world wide now by the demons!

So we have to talk about this, we have to expose this evil, and we want to shine some light on this darkness so that others can see they are NOT alone in their suffering here!

The demons are somehow getting permission from JESUS to come against us while we sleep, or while we are trying to sleep and choke us!

That is an absolute fact that nobody and no one can argue or debate about.

A Christian sister of mine was choked by a demon while she laid down in bed. And I have heard from other children of GOD too who have gone through the experience of being choked by demons....

So I know I am not alone in this suffering, and I want you to know that you are not alone too!

Some of us are being choked by a demon while we lay in bed, but while wide awake..... While others of us are being choked by a evil angel in our sleep.

Either way, this is a very scary and very traumatizing experience to go through!

So how can we know that the demons are getting permission from JESUS to choke us?

Oh it is easy, look at this →

Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S PERMISSION.


John 3:27 – A man can receive NOTHING unless it comes from Heaven...

So as we can clearly see, it is JESUS who is giving the demons permission to choke some of us. But it is also JESUS who is protecting us and keeping us alive when the demonic come against us and attack us!

Praise be to GOD'S SON JESUS!

So when these attack happen what should you do? Well the answer would be far too long for this short article, but here are a few examples of what is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to practice.

*Humble yourself, then humble yourself some more, and then humble yourself even more.

*Pray more.

*Realize that your entire life is in the palm of JESUS' hand and humble yourself even more.

*Realize that yes the demons are real, yes they hate you, yes they would love to torture and kill you if they could and that you need to take all of this much more seriously.

*Realize that you need JESUS 1,000,000 times more than you ever thought you did.

*Realize that you better start practicing your spiritual warfare.

*And I almost forgot, HUMBLE YOURSELF!

So talk about this, write about it, make videos about your experiences and let us shed some of the LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST on this very dark, very evil and very sinister attack of being choked by a the evil angels!

Topic 2: Demons Not Allowing A Person To Go To Sleep

I have personally gone through this attack so many times, I cannot even begin to count how many times. Now we have to be very careful on this topic, let me tell you why!

We have to use spiritual discernment to find out if it is GOD keeping us awake, or if it is a demon keeping us awake on purpose as a form of torment when we try to go to bed.....

Many times GOD purposely keeps us awake while we try to go to sleep so we can spend some time with him, or so we can pray, or so we can meditate on kingdom of GOD things etc etc etc........

While other times, we have a demon who is actually and literally tormenting and torturing us by not allowing us to go to sleep.

Can the demons do this to us? Can they keep us awake when we try to sleep?

OF COURSE THEY CAN AND OF COURSE THEY DO! You just never noticed it before, or you never knew that the demons were keeping you awake on purpose. In the past, you simply woke up the next day, went to work, and told your co-workers that you had a terrible time last night trying to go to bed. That you only got like 4 hours of sleep. When they asked you why, you had no idea..............

Well now you know so praise GOD. Brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST, the demons use this form or torture on Christians world wide and this is one of the great GREAT demonic secrets........

You will probably notice as you try to go to sleep, that all of the sudden you feel irritable, or as you start to fall asleep, something nudges you in the spirit realm and wakes you back up. Or as you try to go to sleep, your mind gets bombarded with thoughts of men, women, dating, sex, marriage, having children, work, your boss, your co-workers, family members etc etc etc............ You are under attack here!

Or when you try to go to sleep, you might get attacked with lust, or depression, or different parts of your body might start to hurt like your legs, or knees, or hips etc etc too!

Or when you try to go to sleep, each time when you are actually falling asleep, you suddenly jerk and wake up...... Yes you are under attack!

We need to spread the word that the demons are doing this to us, while at the same time, use spiritual discernment to practice our spiritual warfare.

Even the late Martin Luther had talked about this attack. And when under attack, he took authority over satan and told the demon to stop this attack.

If you are not sure if a demon is keeping you awake or not, well you need this gift from GOD to be able to discern what is happening to you in the spirit realm.

YES IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD, and without this gift, you will never see, nor recognize these attacked being played out on you by the spirit realm!

Once again – YES the demons do GET permission from JESUS to come against us while we try to go to sleep.

Why? Why does JESUS allow this?

*So we can practice our spiritual warfare.

*HE uses this to crush our pride!

*HE uses this to cause us to pray more, to seek him out more, to spend more time with him.

*JESUS uses these demonic attacks to teach us that we need HIM so much more than we ever thought.

*AND JESUS USES ALL OF THESE attacks to humble us.


GOD is using these attacks against us for our good. HE IS A GREAT AND GOOD GOD.

So what can we do when under these attacks?

Use your gifts GOD has given you to see the attacks and practice your spiritual warfare against this demon.

If you cannot go to sleep, spend time with JESUS, with going over scriptures in your head, by thinking about heaven, by praying, by praising GOD, by thinking about godly things etc etc and use all of this time for the kingdom of GOD.

Praise GOD once again for teaching us about this most demonic, deceptive attacks while we try to go to sleep!

Topic 3: Sleep Paralysis

We have an entire article on this very scary, very demonic attack right here. Read it slowly and be super blessed by GOD.

Topic 4: Noises In The Bedroom

Do the demons make noise in your bedroom while you lay down to sleep, or while you are sleeping?


I remember when I was 17 and moved out of my dad's house, there would be noises in my bedroom when I tried to go to sleep. Now this was many years before I ever thought about walking with JESUS so I just assumed these noises were my apartment, or the walls, or my neighbors etc etc....

Little did I know at that time that the demons have been messing with me my entire life...

Yes my entire life. Even as a little boy living in my mom's house, there were very VERY SCARY noises in the house, and right outside my bedroom window on too many occasions to possibly count.

As a little boy, when I heard these noises, I was terrified! As a 17-19 year old teenager, I just simply assumed that the noises were once again, the walls, the ceiling, my neighbors etc etc.

About 3 months ago I was sound sleep, only to be woke up by some kind of beeping sound. First I thought it was my alarm clock. When I realized it wasn't, I look at my phone to see if my phone was beeping. Of course, IT WAS NOT my phone either. Then I realized to myself wow!


A demon was making some kind of electronic beeping sound in my room to wake me up.

Sometimes I have been woken up by a voice saying my name Garrett.....

That could be GOD doing that one, or a holy angel, or a demon, that noise I am not sure about!

One time I was woken up by a very loud, very amazing sound coming from my ceiling which sounded somewhat like a locomotive train, or loud train station noises....... And while wide awake, the noise continued which was so surreal to hear, so shocking, so amazing to see just how real the demons are.

Sure most of us believers in JESUS also believe that the demons are real. But to go through these experiences even while wide awake in bed, teaches us MORE SO OF JUST HOW REAL THE DEMONIC KINGDOM IS.

Some of the noises you are hearing in your bedroom are demons messing with you.....

The demons use to make like a clicking noise in the various apartments I would live in throughout the years. Once again, it took GOD'S grace and gifts from GOD to realize that it was the demons messing with me.

Many times the demons would tap my wall, or tap my bedroom mirror etc etc making tapping type noises.

One time while sound asleep, a demon had the cover of my fan fall down to the ground and make a crashing noise. Well some of you might say, what is the big deal about that Garrett? Or why do you think a demon did that? Because when I woke up, there was a very heavy presence of fear in my room!

That heavy presence of fear is a DEMON of FEAR!

So what can we do about this demonic attack?

The EXACT SAME as above.

*Humble yourself!

*Practice your spiritual warfare.

*Pray more, spend more time with JESUS, worship him more...

*Start using spiritual discernment to learn if these noises are demons messing with you, or real noises in your room from whatever possible reasons it might be.

Topic 5: Strange Pains In Your Body Coming Out Of Nowhere

Do the demons actually attack our bodies while we sleep, or while we are trying to sleep?


I use to get this pain in the left side of my stomach, below my heart. At first, of course I thought this was a real medical problem. But praise GOD, he slowly taught me over a period of time that no, this was a demonic attack. I have gone through this attack possibly 100 times......

Many times that pain will come when I lay down to go to bed. Other times the pain will come on the left side of my upper stomach while I am sleeping. I will be asleep, only to wake up and feel that sharp pain there...

Yes! The demon was attacking me while I was sleeping.

Sometimes a demon will attack my heart either as I lay down to go to bed, or while I am sleeping. Once again I have woken up countless times from sleep only to find out my heart hurt, that my heart was under attack.

Many times my hips have been attacked by a demon either while I lay down to sleep, like what happened two nights ago, or while I am sleeping.

YES THE DEMONS CAN AND DO attack our hips if that is what is decided for you to go through by GOD.

Many of the pains you feel in your body while you lay down to go to sleep, are not medical problems. They are an actual demon simply torturing and tormenting you!

Many if not ALMOST ALL OF YOU have been woken up only to feel a sharp pain in your body.

Little did you know that you were actually under attack by a demon.

Praise GOD now you know that you are literally under demonic attack and that you better do something about it immediately...........

So what can you do about these types of attacks?

The exact same as above.

*Humble yourself immediately. Your pride is causing the LORD to give the demons permission to come against you!

*Pray more, spend more time with JESUS, worship GOD and his son MORE!

*Practice your spiritual warfare.

*Use your gifts GOD has given you and realize no, this is NOT a medical problem but that you are under demonic attack and expose these demons into the light of JESUS by realizing the truth!

Praise GOD once again, now you know about these demonic attacks!

Write about it, make videos about these demonic attacks and GOD will use you to share the truth to people all over the world!

Topic 6: Abductions, different kinds of abductions

We have some amazing information on this very real, very evil, very sinister topic located right here.

Study here as much as you can and may GOD super bless you....

Besides the link up above, I want to share one true story with you that happened to a friend of mine.

In broad daylight, while my friend was wide awake laying in bed staring at the ceiling, a abduction experience started to happen.

As he was laying in bed, the ceiling to his bedroom started turning a dark grey and black color. It started manifesting into something like a portal or something like that.

My friend was stuck in bed and he could not move nor speak. He had realized something very evil was about to happen and if I remember correctly he was afraid. He was trying to speak out to JESUS, but he could not talk.

Something was about to come through the ceiling in the daytime which is very rare, and abduct him. Or torture him.

Praise GOD, praise GOD that GOD stopped it.

Use the link up above and study all of the incredible information we have on these very evil and sinister beings and be super blessed by GOD.......

Topic 7: Attacking private parts of a person's body

Do the demons actually attack the sexual private parts of our bodies?


As most of you know, I am a man of course. I am just making this clear to you for those of you who do not know me that well.

I have had the demons attack the private part of my body thousands upon thousands of times.. Way way way too many times to count.

Now when I was a teenager, I had no idea about JESUS, about heaven, about hell, or about the evil angels too!

But starting about 8-9 years ago, GOD has really been showing me more and more of what is happening in the spirit realm.

To Study The Topic Of Masturbation, Click Here

And this is one of the thousands of topics he has been showing me.

Sometimes before I go to sleep, a demon will start to attack the private parts of my body and make that part sexually excited.........

Now in the past, say from the ages of 12 all the way to 45, I would simply just masturbate then and be done with that topic for the night and go to sleep...

But now GOD is teaching me, NO Garrett, you do not go masturbate. Instead, you realize that you are under demonic attack, yes a sexual demonic attack to try to get you to masturbate and look at porn.

So because all of this is true, when you are under this kind of sexual excitement attack in your body, the LAST THING you want to do is touch yourself. The last thing you want to do is start thinking sexual thoughts. The last thing you want to do is masturbate.

If you go ahead and masturbate, now that demon will live in your hand or the private parts of your body or both!

Yes this is real.... And YES THIS HAPPENS TO I would say every single Christian person on earth at different times in their lives, or even daily!

I go through these attacks constantly!

But here is some good news....... If you refuse, REFUSE to touch yourself, that attack will go away either in seconds, or a few minutes. The longest I have seen the attack stay with me would be possibly maybe 15 minutes.

If you will REFUSE to touch yourself, the demonic attack will go away 100% of the time. Just watch and see, IT WILL GO AWAY!

NOW NOW NOW ---->>>>

These demonic sexual attacks on your body can and most likely will also happen WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING....

You will wake up out of nowhere, and you will find out that the private parts of your body are sexually aroused........

Do the demons actually do this while we sleep?

Yes they do


And they get permission from JESUS to do this to us which is the very humbling part......

Yes children of GOD we are under demonic sexual attacks too and we need to expose the LIGHT OF TRUTH ON THIS, THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST...

So talk about this, write about it, make videos about these topics and expose to the whole world what the demonic kingdom is trying to do to us while we are going to bed, or asleep!

I pray GOD will use you mightily to spread the word to your brothers and sisters all over the world.

Topic 8: Nightmares – Attacks In The Sleep

To study about nightmares, please read this very good article that goes into great detail on this very evil, very sinister topic.

Topic 9: Sexual Dreams

This topic can also be embarrassing to many children of GOD to talk about. And because this is true, these demonic attacks are not being talked about, Christians are not making videos about this kind of demonic attack.

And because all of that is true, this demonic attack is being covered up by the world wide church.

Well it is NOT going to be covered on on our websites, that is for sure....

I have been through so many sexual attacks while sleeping, who could possibly count them.......

The demons are giving us sexual dreams while we sleep which actually excite the sexual parts of our bodies....... The dream is working together with our real biological body and this kind of attack can be devastating......

Some of the sexual dreams you might have could be with a person you knew long ago, someone that you really cared about.

While other sexual attacks could be with a person you have never met before.....

Another kind of defiling sexual attack is when the demon gives us a sexual dream with one of our own family members. I have experienced this kind of dream before and they are very defiling!

Another kind of sexual dream that you might be attacked with will be one with incredible visions of lustful events happening like an orgy, or other really lustful types of dreams.

Another kind of sexual attack that you might go through is the KIND WHERE YOU HAVE A REAL BIOLOGICAL ORGASM.......... Children of GOD all over the world are going through these types of attacks on a regular basis.......

So as you can see child of GOD, you are not alone in your suffering, you are NOT alone!

The demons can even attack you with a homosexual type demonic attack. I have also had these done to me too. This is when you are sleeping and the demon gives you a dream where you are having sex with someone in the dream of the same gender as yourself.

YES homosexual attacks being done to us in the sleep is very real, and yes WE ARE BEING attacked with these kinds of dreams......

We have to write about and make videos about the topic that yes the evil angels are attacking us sexually in our sleep even to the point of having a real orgasm..........

When this happens, sometimes you will wake up and realize that there is now a demon of lust living inside of you!

Does JESUS actually allow all of this to happen?

Well child of GOD, what does the bible say →

Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S PERMISSION.

John 3:27 – A man can receive NOTHING unless it comes from heaven.

So what can we do about these sexual attacks?


Praise GOD! Talk about these attacks, do not be afraid, talk about them, write articles about them, make videos all about them and let us shine the light of JESUS CHRIST on this very dark, very evil, very sinister topic......

I pray GOD will use this article to teach you that our spiritual enemies are more real than you ever thought they were.

That they are attacking you more than you ever thought they were.

That they are always with you much more so than you ever thought they were.

I pray you will have a brand new motivation and encouragement to humble yourself and abide in JESUS more so than you have ever done in your entire life...........

Love, your brother Garrett

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