Lord Please Start The

O LORD, Please Start The Great 7 Year Tribulation ASAP!


Here are just a few of the reasons why I am begging the LORD JESUS to start the Great 7 year tribulation as fast as possible →

  1. To bring to an end to the world wide abortion industries/satanic baby sacrifices! There are over 100,000 abortions/baby sacrifices committed each day in the world..... This has to end, this must end, this has got to be stopped no matter what it takes.... Theses unborn baby sacrifices are actually sacrifices to satan..... Can we even imagine how much the demons get demonically charged and empowered from these 100,000 baby sacrifices done daily in the world!!!!

  1. To bring to an end to the world wide human trafficking/human sex trafficking rings that our CIA and other secret services are in charge of, run and operate! Helpless women, teen girls and teen boys are kidnapped all over the world, put into cages, then sold on the world wide black market to rich men and women scattered all over the globe! These women and children will be used as sex slaves, they will be sexually tortured, even possibly tortured too! Then when the owners are done with them, these poor women and children will either be murdered, or given an overdose of drugs, or simply let out into the streets of whatever city they were taken too to starve to death, or be killed in other ways! Sometimes even the children are let out into the desert where they will wander for a few days in the desert heat, and eventually die a terrible death!

  1. To put an end to the world wide child sex trafficking rings that our CIA and other secret services of the world are in charge of, run and operate! Children are kidnapped all over the world. In fact a child is taken every 3 seconds. They are put into cages where they are then flown in C-130's from US airbases to other parts of the world where rich men and women have purchased them to be sex slaves. Upon reaching their new destination, many of the children will now have their teeth pulled out.... Why? So they can do oral sex on their new masters more efficiently according to secret reports I have studied! After a while, when the masters are done with the children, the children will be either tortured and killed, murdered, used for child porn videos, or simply throw into the deep desert of the Middle East where they will wander around for a few days and die a terrible death!

  1. To bring to an end to the millions and millions of babies, little boys, little girls, teen girls and women who satanists torture hideously, sexually torturing them, and then murder them in the most painful of ways humanly possible. And this is being done world wide! I remember the one young girl I read about. She was taken out to the woods by a satanic coven. There, they sexually tortured her over and over again, then they stabbed her entire body over 100 times to create as much pain and fear as possible, before they killed her. The coven people want to create as much pain and fear as possible, because the satanists and the demons feed off of that fear and pain. They get demonically energized by it.......

  1. To bring to an end this entire fake Grey alien, fake UFO, demonic hybrid deception that is being played out world wide now. Satan has invested decades of hard work and billions upon billions of dollars on his HUGE fake Grey alien/UFO deception............ Hybrid demonic beings are being genetically made under-ground in the USA and most likely, other parts of the world too! This has go tot stop! I cannot wait till the LORD JESUS takes down this evil once and for all!!! This will happen during the 7 year tribulation and also it will happen during the 1 year period we call the wrath of GOD, or the Wrath of the LAMB!

  1. To bring to an end to the world wide illegal drug trafficking that the CIA/MI6 and other secret services are in charge of, run and operate! One of the main reasons we invaded Afghanistan was to take control of their HUGE HUGE Poppy fields..... Now we have US army troops, and possibly even Special forces troops guarding the poppy fields of Afghanistan, and other drug locations in the world....... England along with the USA, with the CIA from what I can tell are in full control of the world wide illegal drug trade! These drugs eventually make their way to the streets of cities all over the world, wrecking marriages, breaking up families, causing people to lose their jobs, and killing people all over the world from drug overdoses, etc etc........... The harm that the world wide illegal drug trade is causing cannot be added up, it cannot be calculated!!! It HAS TO BE STOPPED!

  1. To bring an end to Hollywood/satan's playground once and for all! Stopping their filthy demonic movies, videos, commercials, magazines, music, TV shows and books etc etc. Who has corrupted not only the USA, but even the rest of the entire world more than Hollywood? Nobody! Hollywood is responsible for changing the way Americans and people all over the world think, the way we imagine, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we behave etc etc etc.......... The damage that satan has done through Hollywood could never ever ever be added up or counted! It goes far beyond anything we can imagine!

  1. To bring to an end to the Elite of the world/Illuminati/Jesuits/England's Elite/European Bankers etc etc who have raped the world economically, spiritually, emotionally, sexually and in every other way imaginable! The damage that the Illuminati/Elites/Bankers/English Ruling members etc etc have done on earth, has reached as high as heaven itself! IT HAS TO BE DESTROYED! Satan ruling through these Elite and wealthy men and women have murdered, raped, tortured, starved and hurt mankind for centuries and centuries now..... When will their evil satanic reign end? During the 7 year tribulation and the 1 year after we call The Wrath of the LAMB....... O LORD JESUS, bring an end to the Illuminati, bring an end to the Jesuits/Vatican, bring an end to the CIA and all other satanic secret services!

  1. To bring to an end to satan and to his demons who rule this demonic kingdom here on earth that is working behind the scenes to kill people, to torture people, to make people sick, to break up families and marriages, causing crime all over the world, massive starvation, cancer, to make people suffer in 10,000 different ways and making men and women, boys and girls cry all over the world! Satan and his demonic army have been raining down hell on mankind for 6000 years and I pray O LORD that you will start the Great 7 year tribulation and take DOWN their kingdom of darkness and throw it all into the lake of fire where they belong!

    10). To bring to an end the plans of the Illuminati/Elite/Bankers/Jesuits of the world who purposely starved most of the continent of Africa while millions and millions of adults, teens, children and babies starved to death or died because of a lack of clean drinking water! These Rich rulers of the world have raped Africa taking all of their precious resources while leaving the poor African nations in starvation, poverty, sickness and with no clean drinking water! These Elites of the world have used the continent of Africa to Unleash all kinds of man-made diseases which were created in laboratories........ HIV/AIDS were released in Africa too along with the cities of NY and San Francisco! The poor African people have been starving to death while the INCREDIBLE PRECIOUS RESOURCES THAT GOD GAVE TO Africa were stoeln right under their noses...... One example → Diamonds! The ELITES of the world have stolen the TRILLION dollar diamond mines right out of the very hands of the African governments and people!

    11). To bring to an end the world wide porn industries that are torturing, hurting and even murdering young men, young women, teen girls and even children in the most hideous of sexual ways! Satan has used porn to break up families, marriages and friendships! Satan has used porn to corrupt the minds of men and women all over the world by the billions! Yes BILLIONS! When many of the young girls are used by men to make porn videos, some of the girls are then tortured, or even murdered and thrown away like garbage! Many of the girls all over the world are kept in captivity, where they are held against their will until the next porn video is to be filmed! This has got to stop! This must stop!

    12). To bring to an end to the world wide Internet gaming sensation! There are approximately 800,000,000 MILLION people Internet gaming in the world now with the number growing quickly! People all over the world are wasting precious hours of their lives daily sitting in front of a computer screen playing a game while the world is passing them by. While satan is forming a one world government right in front of their eyes. People are wasting their lives away Internet gaming while their wives, husbands and children are in other parts of the home doing who knows what! Satan is literally stealing the lives of close to 1 BILLION PEOPLE as they waste away in their chairs staring at a computer monitor!

    13). To bring an end to the CIA, and all other Secret Services that hurt people, that torture little children in demonic experiments being done at secret locations all over the world. These Secret Services purposely torture men, women and children to create multiple personalities inside of the individual. Then the Secret services use special programming and turn these people into killers, rapists, assassins etc etc............ This is being done just about world wide now and Russ Dizdar claims there are 100,000,000 million of these satanic soldiers ready to start attacking during the 7 year tribulation. The CIA is at the center of all of this diabolical torture. Think about it → 100,000,000 satanic soldiers in the world are simply waiting for an order to start raining down hell on the populations of the world, but ESPECIALLY ON THE Christians! Where did we learn how to do this demonic mind altering programming? From the Nazi Germans we took into the USA following WW2. This has got to stop! This MUST stop!

Right there up above is a tiny TINY list of why I am begging JESUS to start the Great 7 year tribulation as fast as possible!

I pray this short article has blessed you and helped you to understand a little bit better some of the hard core truths that are happening in the world!

Love, your servant Garrett

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