How Sad!

How Sad!!!

How Sad!!!

Well I applied to MI6 but they turned me down. They said I was too old, I could not shoot straight, I was out of shape. Praise GOD that JESUS never turns me down!

Woman have turned me down saying I was to old, not good looking enough or my ministry was far too small I am glad JESUS never turns me down!

Christians have turned me down saying I followed the bible too closely, or I was too strict, or they did not want to be friends.........

Praise GOD that JESUS has never turned me down during the good days and the bad and even the terrible days JESUS is always there for you!

Wives have turned me down, maybe they found someone younger, or better looking or richer.. Praise GOD JESUS never turns me down!!!

Bosses have turned me down. Maybe they found out I was a Christian, maybe satan whispered to them not to hire me, maybe it was jealousy!

Praise GOD that JESUS has never turned me/you down.... JESUS is so faithful, so trustworthy, so incredible!!!!

Family have turned me down. Maybe because they are still walking in darkness, maybe because they do not have grace yet to know JESUS...

Praise GOD that his royal son JESUS has never turned me/you down.........

Christian after Christian has turned me down because we did not agree on this scripture or that scripture..........

 How sad!!!

But GOD'S son JESUS will never turn me/you down, not now, not ever, not for all of eternity for he created you, he adores you, HE loves you!

Other ministry groups have turned me down maybe because we did not see eye to eye on the rapture, sin, or our salvation or whatever.....

Praise GOD that his son JESUS has never turned me/you down. For he loved you long before he ever created you!

I have turned myself down, let myself down, given up on myself maybe because of too much sinning, addictions, failures, setbacks & mistakes!

Praise GOD that JESUS has never let you or I down, he has never given up on us, he has never turned his back on us, for he adores you!

Christian friends have turned me down, maybe because they had a bad dream about me, maybe because we disagreed on the rapture or whatever!

How Sad!!!

But praise GOD that JESUS has never turned me/you down for he loves you, he knows you, he died for you, he called you & HE keeps you!!!

My mom turned me down from the age of 5, maybe because of the pills, maybe because of satan, maybe because of the terrible depression...

Praise GOD that JESUS has never turned me/you down.... For the word FAITHFUL is written on him!!!!!!!!

When your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend guess who was there to hold you real tight? JESUS!!!

Christianity is the only religion I know of where men and women end friendships in the blink of an eye because they disagree on a scripture!

How sad!!!!!

Friend after friend has turned me down and rejected me because they met a new girl, got married & now they have no time anymore for me!

Praise GOD that JESUS always has time for me, whether I am in sin or walking more close with the LORD he always has time for you!!!!

Have you ever lost friendships because you & your friend had a disagreement on a scripture? Wow meditate on the silliness of that for awhile.

Even when I hated myself, when I totally gave up, when I completely walked away, JESUS was so faithful, so loving, so merciful & wonderful!

How sad!!!!!!!!!!!

Christianity is the only religion I know of where the men and women keep breaking away to form different denominations. 

Why do some Christian girls only look to fall in love with guys who have huge ministries? Oh you didn't know this happens?


I remember meeting new young girls and they would ask all about my ministry. I would give them my website page & never hear from them again!

How sad!!!!!!

How sad that when Christian guys meet a new girl, fall in love, get married now they forget all about their old Christian buddies!!!

How sad!!!

Christianity is the only religion I know of that because we disagree on 1 scripture, they leave our church and form a new denomination!!!

One of my really good Christian female friends dumped me as a friend because she had a dream about me.........

How Sad!!!

She tried to use a scripture in Mathew to show me why she was dumping me as a friend.... All because of a dream with a dolphin in it!!!

I found this Christian lady 1-2 years later on the internet, I said hello again purposely to try to get past all of that garbage!!!

We started emailing each other again every day only to see her disappear on me again She blocked me on the internet again and went invisible.

How sad!!!

have you ever meet a brand new Christian girl who asked all about your ministry? You gave her your small ministry website on the phone..

She said she would go check it out, of course you knew and I knew that you would never hear from her again..

 How sad!!!

Have you ever met a brand new Christian women who was around your age, very attractive, lived close to you? Everything was looking perfect!

Then it happened!! She asked you on the phone when was the last time you looked at pornography! Your heart started beating really fast!

Your first instinct was to lie to her, but the GOD helped you, and you told her the truth it was a few weeks ago or a few months ago!

Of course she rushed you off the phone. Of course you never heard from her again............

 How sad!!!

Christian men, don't you just dread it when you meet a new woman and she asks you when is the last time you looked at porn? 

How sad!

I guess that Christian woman was looking to meet the perfect Christian man. Little does she know that a perfect man does not exist!!!

Little did she know that we all fall down, we all sin, we all backslide, we all fail tests, we all fall into temptations from time to time!

Why must Christian women ask us - When was the last time we looked at porn? Why must they judge?

Why cant they just get to know us for who we are, for what GOD is doing in us, for how he is changing us from our past?

Women, if you want to ask a new Christian guy when is the last time he saw porn, well go ahead and ask!!

But what if we started asking you some very hard questions?

What if we men started asking you some questions that you would not feel comfortable asking? Then what?

If we men & women are going to play these silly games on the phone when we first meet, we will never get engaged, we will never get married!

How sad!

And why do we do this? Could it be our pride? Could it be we are being judgmental? Could it be we think we have overcome porn ourselves?

There are millions of fantastic and wonderful Christian men who are stuck watching porn right now!!!!!!!!

Women are stuck in this problem too of course!

We have got to change, we must change, we need JESUS to change the way we think, the way we talk, the way we treat one another!!!

Do you realize U could meet the perfect Christian man who does not exist only to see him fall down HARD into porn 1 year after you marry him?

We all sin, we all fall down on a semi regular basis...... Just because a guy is watching porn or not watching does not mean anything!

How sad!!!

A woman meets two new Christian guys. One guy is stuck in porn still, the other guy is temporarily delivered!!

The woman chooses the second guy because she thinks its a safer choice!

6 months after she marries him, guess what? It is testing time again! Her new husband falls back down into porn for 3 years!!! Now what?

Just because we are free today from something does not guarantee for sure we will be free from that addiction a few years later!

I met a Messianic Jewish woman who lived a few blocks away from me which was a miracle.

She said would not go out with me to get some tea at Star bucks until she could talk to my Pastor first!

I gave her my website, I talked to her on the phone and we shared many things!

She would still not go out with my without talking to my pastor first. I asked her, how do you know you can trust my pastor?

To make a long story short, she never made a date with me.

 How sad!!!

Why are we judging one another when we are all so dirty, so sinful, so disgusting without JESUS' blood covering us?

Meanwhile as the years pass by, many MANY MANYYYYY of us are still single!

Do you know why we judge each other? Because my sins are different than your sins. Or your sins are different than her sins!

So because of our pride & because our sins are different than one another, we judge each other......... 

You see my sin might be porn or drinking beer, but she does not have those problems... So she judges me and says no to dating!

Or maybe I struggle in internet gaming a lot, while she struggles watching horror movies!! Do we have to judge each other?

In other words I might be sinning in porn, she might be sinning in masturbation, yet she wont go out on a date with me!

 How sad!!!

In other words I might be sinning in porn, she might be sinning in masturbation, yet she wont go out on a date with me!

So now what do we have? Millions of Christians all over the world who are still single because of our pride, ego's and silly beliefs!!!

I remember when I met a new Christian guy on the internet. He was really struggling badly. In fact he was very suicidal!

We talked and prayed, talked and prayed and things got better over a few months time!

Praise GOD, the LORD sent him a new woman to date, fall in love with and marry!!!

When they started dating he stopped calling, or he called very little. When they got married I never really heard from him again! How sad!

Do you know that when I spoke on face book a few months ago about how badly some Christian people do their friendships! The people that commented back to me the most were the VERY FRIENDS who would dump me because they met a new girl, or guy, or we disagreed on scripture!

The very ex friends who dumped me were the very first ones to type up on my Face book wall!!! Isn't that incredible?????

How sad!!!

There is a huge HUGE amount of Christians who do now know yet that masturbation is a sin.................

So when they judge you or me because we got stuck in porn, smoking, or whatever, yet they are masturbating still.

Are you starting to see just how silly all of this is now ?

So while we men & women of GOD are waiting around for the perfect person to show up, years and years go by and we are still single!!!

And why? Because there are NO perfect Christian people on earth not one. We all sin, we all fail. So we have millions single now 

How sad!!!

Now I realize that GOD is 1000% sovereign over every single thing. I realize it is GOD who brings our spouses to us, not our doing!!

Tonight I am talking about our human errors we are making when it comes to our friendships, or possible romantic dates etc etc

How many women turned me down for the silliest of reasons? How many guys have said no to even trying to get to know you for silliness?

How sad!!!

So now what we have is, we are stuck IN THE END TIMES and all HELL is about to rain down on us..... And millions of us are stuck single!!!

I had a good dinner date with a very attractive young lady one time. Then during dinner, I had to tell her I do not do sex before marriage!

Guess what happened then? All freaking hell broke loose at the dinner table... To make a long story short, she raced me back home!!

And you better believe it I am also responsible for many of these same mistakes myself, I am NOT innocent either of these things I am typing tonight.

I made a lot of friendship mistakes, I made a lot of dating mistakes too just like I am typing about tonight with other people making them!

When I said no to sex, a huge argument started at the dinner table. She raced me home in her car, and dumped me off at my apartment! I remember when I got out of her car I slammed the car door closed very hard... Hahaha I was a younger Christian at that time  :)

I was on a date with another Christian girl.... I told her I do not do sex before marriage, and this woman was SUPER SUPER PRETTY too!!!

The whole thing blew up terribly at the dinner table... See she did do sex before marriage... And I am NOT judging her, not at all...

I just wanna do what the bible says...... That is all I am trying to do... Then she tried to make another date with me!!!

Well, being a weak man like I am, I told her OK, lets try another date... How dumb was that?

Well that second date never happened, praise GOD!!!

Now have I slipped up and had sex before marriage? Yes I have, so I was not judging her at all.. I was trying to protect both of us!

But yes, Christian women can get just as lustful as we men!! So let us not judge one another anymore even before a date starts...

 How sad!!!

There are millions and millions of single Christians all over the world... And you know some of the reasons why we are still single????

Pushing aside GOD'S sovereignty for a second...... Because of our pride, our ego, our silly ways, our silly views of things & especially our pride.

 How sad!!!

You could be living in one of the largest cities in the world, yet be completely isolated and all alone!!

Now why is this happening ? To be completely honest -->> This is happening because of darkness living in us Christian people!!

This is purely darkness living in and attacking us Christians....

This is our flesh, pride, ego, self righteousness, our pride in our theology and especially the DEMONIC who are causing all of this trouble in Christian people world wide.

I mean when my friend gets a wonderful wife and decides to stop calling me, surely that is darkness!!!!

Darkness is a very polite way of saying, pride, selfishness, ego, better than thou attitudes, the demons etc etc etc

How sad!!!

My friend Dwayne always wanted to live alone, to be alone his whole life while he does his thing for GOD'S kingdom!!!

So what did Dwayne get? He got a wife, a baby, and all kinds of hell raining down on him mainly from his wife. Now I am not blaming her or judging her, she is my little sister. I blame the darkness!!!

I wanted to have a wife and children. What did I get? Singleness, isolation, no friends........... How sad!!!

The last thing on earth going as far back as 5 years old was to be alone. Now that is exactly what I got!!!

So when I see friends breaking friendships over the silliest reasons..............

When I see a woman not willing to date for the silliest of reasons.............

All I can truly say is --->>>

How sad!!!

Love, your servant