Demon Of Disappointment

The Demon Of Disappointment

Hello children of GOD, I praise GOD for all of you right now.

I wanted to talk tonight about a very specific demon!

This demon can get very powerful at times if left unchecked, and in fact he is also a root demon!

This is the demon of - Disappointment..........

Yes Christians, there is a real evil spirit by this name!

He goes by the name of the demon of disappointment because he pushes and causes us to feel extreme disappointment in our lives!

He is as we said a root demon, he can enter us first, then sink his claws/roots deep inside of us!

After the demon of disappointment enters us, not only will he torment us terribly in disappointment, but he will try to open up more doors inside of us.

That means that he will work on you day and night to try to get more doors open inside of you for his other friends to enter! By friends I am clearly talking about other evil spirits.

This is what a root demon does!

He sinks his evil roots deep inside of your soul, heart or mind while opening up more and more doors for his co-works/evil angels to enter!

This demon of disappointment is not talked about too much, yet he can wreck absolute havoc in our lives!

I just got done battling him last month, the fight lasted for a long time and when all hope was lost,  JESUS came in and saved the day for me just like he has so many times before!

The demon of disappointment will talk to you day and night, day and night non stop.

He will whisper things to you that happened in your past that you forgot about a long time ago!

He will bring up things that happened in your past that just shattered your heart, or tore apart your soul, yes incredible disappointments that you went through throughout your life.

This demon usually enters us when we are going through a brand new disappointment, or ---->>>>

When we are laying down thinking about past disappointments that happened earlier in our lives!

Yes just thinking about past disappointments or current ones can attract the demon of disappointment to you!

He will be attracted to you when you are going through disappointments, or when you are lounging around the house thinking about them!

We call this demon the demon of disappointment not because that is his real name, but we name him after how he torments human beings!

These demons are attracted to our bad thoughts the same way sharks are attracted to blood!

This goes to show just how dangerous it truly is to sit around thinking about bad thoughts! That is extremely dangerous to do and we have to use the grace that GOD is giving us to practice to stop thinking about UN-biblical things!

Once this demon enters you, the demon of disappointment will bombard you with disappointing thoughts into your heart/mind and soul! Unless you have been truly practicing your spiritual warfare, or unless JESUS clearly tells you, you will NOT even notice your under attack. You will simply think you are thinking about disappointing thoughts not ever knowing that you are actually being attacked by an evil spirit!

Out of nowhere, you will be thinking about disappointments you went through years ago much earlier in your life. And unless you realize you are under terrible attack, you will think all of this is natural and you will never learn the truth!

And as this continues day after day, the level of disappointment you will feel can get stronger and stronger if you continue to feed those bad thoughts in your mind!

Feeding the bad thoughts simply means that you are entertaining them, that you are thinking about them for long periods of time!

This is how the demon operates in us. Very very few people talk about this demon but why?

When all of us clearly go through disappointments throughout our lives, why on earth is NOBODY talking about this terrible spirit?

One of the main keys of getting deliverance is to first realize you are under attack...... Once you realize you are under attack by an evil spirit, now he gets somewhat disarmed. That means he loses some power over your life!

I AM NOT saying this is how we get deliverance, of course not. Deliverance always comes from the grace of GOD and is directly related to keeping a close relationship with JESUS.

This demon is extremely powerful and being bombarded with those thoughts of disappointment can wreck havoc in your relationship with JESUS!

Now why is this so important to talk about?

 This is why --->>>>

When we think disappointing thoughts, we are actually cursing ourselves... We are actually sinning.... But how you might ask?

When we think disappointing thoughts, we are actually telling GOD we are disappointed in the life he gave us!

We are actually telling GOD we do not like the life he gave us, we are telling GOD we do not appreciate him giving us this life, or these experiences, or these situations that arose up in our lives. 

When we feed those disappointing thoughts, that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of being GRATEFUL! Being grateful to GOD!

Now satan and the demons know all of this very well. So if they can get you to think those disappointing thoughts, OH BOY ARE YOU OR I IN TROUBLE......

As you or I sit around thinking about disappointing thoughts, we are cursing ourselves more and more and more.

As we continue to curse ourselves, guess what happens? More and more and more demons enter us.

And before you know it, you or I have hit rock bottom. Yes absolute rock bottom and it happens so fast children of GOD!

It can happen so fast you will not even know what hit you. You will have no idea how you fell down so hard, so fast and so terribly in your life.

All the while it happened because you either went through a brand new experience of disappointment, or you came under attack from a demon of disappointment and you listened to him. You listened to the lies this demon was telling you and you fed those bad thoughts. You entertained those bad thoughts over a period of time and the demon of disappointment entered you and took root real deep inside of you!

This demon of disappointment is not to be messed with, I am warning you!

He just slammed the living @#$% out of me for months and months and he is very very dangerous.

As I sat around month after month living in heavy demonic disappointment, I got infested with other demons too.....

Remember the demon of disappointment is a ROOT demon! He sinks in deep and opens up doors in us for other evil spirits to enter! These are spiritual doors that he opens up in our heart, mind, soul or body!

How? He gets us to curse ourselves by thinking UN biblical, UN godly thoughts! When we do that, all hell will break loose in our lives just watch and see and it is a very dangerous experience to go through.

Here is the most likely order that the demons will enter you or I → 

First the demon of

1). Disappointment will enter you.

2). Demon of loneliness.

3). Demon of misery.

4). Then a demon of depression.

4). Demon of self destruction.

And finally 

5). A demon of suicide to try to get you to end your own life.

Now I am NOT saying that the order I just typed you is the only order, of course not!

JESUS is sovereign over his entire creation and JESUS and JESUS alone decides what order and which demons will enter people all over the world........

I got fired about 7 months ago from a very good job for no reason whatsoever.... Wow was I disappointed! My sent me a secret email one Monday morning and just outright fired me. He never called me, we never had a single discussion, he simply fired me in an email.

I went from having a great job to being unemployed for three months, to finally finding a very hard job with much less pay!

So yes I was very very disappointed and before I knew it, guess what happened?

I got slammed by the demon of disappointment. It got so bad, I could not get out of bed!

Remember, the demon of disappointment opens up other doors for more demons to enter and I had many many demons living in me!

It got to the point where I could not get out of bed, where I did not want to get out of bed!

It got to the point to where I had to sleep like 12-18 hours a day, which that is a sure sign of the demon of depression too which we have other articles about on our website.

Wow did GOD teach me a lesson wow!

Wow did GOD teach me first hand experience quite a lot about the demon of disappointment!

Wow did GOD reprimand me for being disappointed in his plans for me and my life and my job status!

GOD allowed me to suffer terribly under those demons being led by the demon of disappointment for quite a while actually!

Now listen to me carefully, we do not want that team of demons inside of us!

Here is the common list one more time -->>>>

1st - Demon of disappointment - Then demon of loneliness, then misery, then depression, then self destruction and finally SUICIDE!

That is a very evil and powerful team of bad spirits that is for sure.

Remember, the bible tells us to rejoice at all times in the LORD!

Well I was not practicing that and I guess JESUS decided to show me a few things by letting the demons attack me and enter me.

Every single time you break biblical scriptures in your life, there is a chance that GOD will allow a specific demon or demons to enter you.

Remember the bible tells us to count it ALL JOY!

Remember the bible tells us that the JOY of the LORD is our strength!

When you sit around feeling disappointed all day long like I did, WE ARE DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS!

And when we do that, wow are we gonna suffer, wow!

This demon of disappointment is very real and we better not mess around thinking disappointing thoughts anymore!

Or what I should say is, let us use the grace GOD is giving us to rebuke all disappointment in our lives the best we can! Including the disappointing thoughts that bombard us at times when we get hit with real disappointments in our lives!

Even right now again, I am going through some disappointments even this week or even today I should say.

But all of us have got to do our spiritual warfare. We must practice our warfare day and night against this evil!

How can we do that? By clinging to JESUS, by praying more, by rebuking all disappointing thoughts and other bad thoughts that try to enter our mind.

We must try to catch the disappointing thoughts entering us as fast as we can and get rid of them ASAP before it gets even worse.

We must remember that GOD knows what is best for us at all times every single day of our lives!

We want to practice knowing that if GOD gives us disappointments, to try to practice praising him,  trusting him, and being thankful for everything he is doing in our lives, being truly thankful!

I am not saying this is easy to do, I am not saying it is easy to practice, and I am not saying I can do it that well either!

What I am saying is when GOD allows them to come to us, it is only a test or trial!

Because it is simply a test or trial, we want to try to pass it the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us.

So when the terrible disappointments of life come, try to praise GOD, try to be thankful, try to give thanks, try to rejoice in the LORD! Try your best to get your mind OFF of the disappointment and on to JESUS, the kingdom of GOD and helping people doing powerful Christian ministry work!

If you can do this, if you can practice this you will see just how powerful it truly is to worship GOD during heavy disappointments!

And guess what else will happen? The demon of disappointment who is there talking to you will fly away soon enough.....

If you refuse to be disappointed, if you refuse to entertain those thoughts, the demon of disappointment will not stick around!

This is very important to practice and study here! This demon is real, powerful and he is a root demon!

When those disappointing thoughts come and attack you, do NOT take it lightly! Do not underestimate how much damage they can do if you entertain/think about them.

Remember, if you entertain them, you will be cursing yourself because you are doing the opposite of what GOD says to do in the bible!

One might argue that the Jewish people were disappointed in GOD out in the wilderness for 40 years. They complained about that there was no meat to eat, they complained about many things..... Murmuring and complaining is a form of disappointment and this is a terrible sin to do...... Believe me, when we walk around disappointed everyday in what GOD is doing in our lives, we are going to experience hell raining down on top of our heads!

Guess who administers the curse of GOD? You got it, the demons do!

The demons administer the curses of GOD and when you curse yourself, more and more demons will enter you and they have permission!

The demon of disappointment must have permission from JESUS to enter you otherwise there is nothing he can do to you!

Let me prove it to you. Look at this scripture → 

Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!

Now I know without a doubt many of you are going through disappointments right now, this is an absolute fact!

How can I know this? Because GOD is sending them to us on purpose to test us, to try us, to mold us and shape us into the incredible image of his son JESUS more and more as time goes by in our lives!

GOD is sending them to us on purpose to give us reasons to pray more, to get us on our knees asking for help!

GOD is sending them on purpose to us to show us how badly we need his son JESUS!

GOD sends them to us on purpose to shatter our pride.

GOD is sending them to us on purpose to teach us once and for all to STOP trusting in men and women!But to only trust JESUS & the bible...... Every time we put our trust in men and women, I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL END UP disappointed for sure!

GOD is sending disappointments into our lives on purpose to teach us just how real spiritual warfare is.

GOD is also sending disappointments into our lives to teach us that the evil angels are real, that we have a real enemy....

That we better start practicing what the bible says or the demons will overcome us temporarily until JESUS rides in to save the day in our personal lives!

So when you get attacked with disappointment, step 1 → 
 Take a huge breath and relax for a few seconds, do not freak out..... Freaking out emotionally and mentally speaking will only allow more demons to attack you!

Step 2 - Remember it is just a test or trial or learning experience, that is all it is! GOD is in control of your entire life, yes that includes your disappointments too and you have nothing to worry about. He will help you to overcome the terrible news that just came into your life.

How do we know? Look at this - Job 7:18 - HE examines us every morning, HE tests us every MOMENT!

You and I are being tested every single moment by GOD........... A moment to me is like every second!

Every single second all day long as long as we live here on earth, we are being constantly tested.....

I literally mean every second, I am not exaggerating here!

Some of the tests that GOD puts us through are tests of going through earth shattering disappointments!

These are all planned out by GOD, they were designed by GOD just for you to go through and he did this before the universe was ever created!

Did any of you know I have been waiting for my fiancee'  for 10 years now? I sure have been!

Do you realize in the last 10 years how many times I felt disappointed at GOD? Probably 100 times.

1 week before the only woman on earth I would marry was to come be with me, she got diagnosed with cancer!

Yes this test and trial was designed by GOD before the universe was ever created for her and myself to go through.

Now she had to go through some very serious treatments for 1-2 years!

Then after that her doctor would not let her come be with me anymore!

The doctor told her that - Me/Garrett could not afford her medicine and he was right.. I could not afford to buy it for her each week, that was the truth...

I have been waiting for her for 10 years now this month!

So yes I have BATTLED the demon of disappointment and usually he has slammed me terribly!

Now we all know this takes grace from GOD, you know this, I know this, we cannot do it without GOD'S help that is for sure!

But with GOD'S grace, you and I can practice to STOP THINKING those bad disappointing thoughts!

We must not think evil, nor speak evil, nor imagine evil disappointing pictures in our imaginations! We must try to stop doing this! And if we do not stop doing this, we will be in a world of demonic trouble in a very short time!

So when you get slammed with your next test of disappointment, stop everything you are doing and breathe! Breathe deeply and realize it is only a test or trial or a molding and shaping experience that GOD has planned for you to go through. 

Then tell the LORD --- O LORD JESUS, it is so not worth it for me to get upset over this!

Tell JESUS - You O LORD know what is best for me, surely I do NOT know.....

If you want my boss to fire me, or if you want my best friends to stab me in the back, I praise you LORD, I just sit here and praise you!

Yes it hurts LORD, yes I do feel like crying right now, yes my heart feels completely shattered,  but you know what is best for me and I trust you the best I can today JESUS.

You are perfect JESUS so if you want me to lose my job, my career, my friends, my money or ministry, I praise you! I just praise you right now O LORD no matter what happens for you love me, you died for me and you know what is best for me in my life.

I choose JESUS NOT to get upset, not to get disappointed!

I praise you JESUS right now as I fight back the tears... I rejoice in you O LORD for you died for me and you bought me with your blood! You own me O LORD and if you want me to go through some disappointment, I trust you. I trust you with my life and I know you will use this for my good because you are incredible JESUS.

Those are a few of the powerful sentences you can practice when the demon of disappointment is ordered to attack you!

Trusting JESUS with our entire life is the KEY to overcoming the terrible disappointments that come our way. See if you trust JESUS, then you will realize that he is allowing the disappointments to come against you in your life for your good. GOD will use them to bless you just like GOD uses all evil to bless you!

Romans 8:28 promises this to us!

Romans 8:28 – GOD will work all things together for the GOOD to those who love GOD and are called according to his purposes!

In other words, when terrible news comes to you, you TRUST JESUS SO MUCH, you just laugh about the bad news!

But how can you laugh>? Because Romans 8:28 tells us that ALL THINGS work together for our GOOD..... So you can laugh because GOD is powerful enough even to use evil for your good, even to use earth shattering events for your good, even to use heart breaking circumstances for your good and this is just wonderful news!

Yes GOD is powerful enough and smart enough to use the terrible disappointments that life brings us for OUR GOOD......

GOD does this all the time for us for he is an amazing GOD!

So yes the demon of disappointment is real, yes he can be very powerful, yes he is a root demon, but the JOY OF THE LORD is our strength! If we will focus on JESUS, on the kingdom of GOD, on bible scriptures and on helping other people, GOD will gives us more joy in our lives.

Remember, practicing this will not be easy! I warned you tonight......... Remember the warning and just do the best you can with each test!

I know some disappointments are kind of small like when we do not get a good job we applied for!

I know other disappointments are a little stronger like when we apply to be youth pastor in church but they turn us down!

I know other disappointments can be even stronger like when we have no money saved up at all, and our boss fires us for no reason whatsoever.

I know other disappointments can be even stronger like when we get turned down for a publishing or recording contract etc etc!

Yet other disappointments can be even worse when our fiancee' whom we love very much comes down with cancer and the entire marriage is all called off.

Yet other disappointments can be even worse than that like when our best of best of friend stabs us in the back and steals our fiancee from us!

And yet other disappointments can be even worse like when our husbands or wives divorce us!

And yet life can be so brutal, sometimes our parents have to die, or our spouse has to die!

And if that were not enough, sometimes even our little children die very early in life or even our new born babies die!

Because all of this is true, please be gentle, loving and kind with one another as they struggle through disappointments!

Yes GOD at times can bring disappointments into our lives so strong, so deep, so soul shattering that we feel like our lives are ending. Some of them can get to be so bad, that we will not even be able to get out of bed each day!

But through it all, JESUS is right there by your side just like he has always been!

And JESUS will see you through the pain, through the tears, through the crying, through the sleepless nights especially if you let him!

Remember, there is a demon of disappointment, he is very very real and he is NOT talked about much!

I mean how many You tube videos do you see on the demon of disappointment?

And the strange thing is, WE ALL BATTLE AGAINST THIS DEMON AS WE LIVE OUR LIVES here on earth, all of us do at times!

So spread the word all over the internet, this demon is very real and we gotta watch out for him!

We gotta be on guard every single day, every hour, every minute that goes by for the next disappointment to enter our lives!

How can I be so sure more disappointments will come? Because GOD is the one who has designed them for you and he is sending them to you!

Since GOD is doing this, since nobody is more powerful than GOD, believe me, the disappointments will keep coming for sure! They will keep coming to us our entire lives until we take our very last breath here on earth. Then finally, then once and for all the evil will be long gone as we enter into heaven as a spirit!

So be on guard against the bad disappointing thoughts bombarding you during trials and tests of disappointment!

Be on guard against this demon who is standing by you waiting to get permission to enter you.

Be on guard against the tidal wave of bad thoughts he will flood you with even sending you way way back to your child hood!

Yes the demon of disappointment can and will even talk to you about your childhood even taking you back to when you were 5 years old.....

He can ruthlessly torment you, so pray for grace, pray for protection, pray for mercies from GOD and you will get it all.

Remember - The way to overcome terrible disappointments is to focus on JESUS, and all the good he has done for you!

Or another way of wording it is to be thankful! Give thanks to GOD for everything you can think about when terrible disappointments come!

And stop the bad thoughts. Even though the disappointment might be brand new, try to stop thinking about it!

This is very difficult to do, and you will need tons of grace from GOD, but just try the best you can to stop those bad thoughts attacking you!

By trying to stop thinking about the bad thoughts, that is LITERALLY PRACTICING SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

Get rid of those bad thoughts of disappointment and be thankful for everything GOD has done for you.....

Focus on all of the incredible things GOD has done for you and try to block out the current disappointment the best you can in your mind!

By doing this, or by practicing this you will literally disarm the demon of disappointment and he will get weaker and weaker as he abides with you! Soon enough he will fly away and leave you as you continue to rebuke those bad thoughts. Or as you continue to praise GOD and be thankful for everything he has done in your life!

As I say goodbye remember this - Spread the word all over the internet.... The demon of disappointment is very real and powerful!

You are a chosen one, you will be going to heaven for eternity....... So does it really matter what disappointment happened today?

We are going to paradise soon and we will get our brand new powerful bodies. So who cares that I got fired or whatever else that life will bring to me.

Let us keep our eyes on our prize! We will be seeing GOD face to face in a very short time for all of eternity.....

One last time -->> The Joy of the LORD is your strength, focus on JESUS, focus on heaven, focus on doing ministry work! 

Just helping other people in godly Christian ministry work can crush the demon of disappointment. So get busy helping people children of GOD.

Do your spiritual warfare and let us use the grace GOD is giving us to get the demon of disappointment away from us!

Praise GOD for all of you!

And remember, it is only a test!

Love, your servant Garrett

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