Bondage To Relationships

Bondage to Relationships!

Last night we talked about the demonic attacks against children of GOD using - Sadness, loneliness & depression. Tonight I want to talk about another huge HUGE attack of the enemy. This is when satan pushes us to obsess on the opposite sex or people!

As a child of GOD, have you ever felt the terrible oppression of obsessing on the opposite sex, or even obsessing on another believer?

I sure have. I obsessed on the opposite sex for most of my life until JESUS started teaching me about this evil practice.

One of satan's main goals to destroy you is to use his WEAPON of trying to force you to obsess on the opposite sex. When we do this, satan actually has us in bondage to that man or woman or person!

GOD wants us to focus on JESUS, the bible, the kingdom of GOD and helping people through ministry work!

satan wants you to focus on guys, girls, sex, dating, loneliness, and just people in general!

satan knows if he can get your focus off of JESUS, off of helping people, off of the bible and on the opposite sex, NOW HE HAS YOU!

One of the largest battles we face in life is to learn & practice to stop focusing on the opposite sex, to stop focusing on dating, sex and all people in general. We have to take our eyes off of people and get them on the LORD! 

This is a huge battle.... You might be wondering what do the demons have to do this this?

The demons will push you & compel you over and over again to focus on that guy or girl, or that Christian brother or sister or family member! They will even compel you and push you to focus on co workers or even bosses at your work place.

They can do this by talking to you, by compelling you spiritually to obsess on this person! By doing this, they are actually putting you into spiritual chains of bondage to this person! 

When GOD does send you a new person to date, first of all praise GOD!!! But get to know that person in freedom, freedom in CHRIST!

Once you feel the spiritual chains start to tying you down in your heart and soul over this new person, now your in trouble!

So when you get a new great guy to date, stick with JESUS in your mind, stick with the bible, stay as free as you can while you start to talk on the phone with this brand new person!

satan uses sex, dating, loneliness and the opposite sex to torment us and put us into suffering more than any other topic I know of!!

Bondage to the opposite sex trap that the demons attack us with are being used all over the world to attack children of GOD!

I have talked to Christians all over the world who are so torn down, so obsessed over a guy or girl, they cannot even pray anymore! They cannot think clearly, they lost all interest in JESUS or even doing ministry work anymore. This is how powerful the BONDAGE TO RELATIONSHIPS and people can be! The demonic bondage!

If your a child of GOD and you are so obsessed over another person, where your actually being tormented, this is a huge ATTACK against you! You want to treat this as a very powerful demonic attack against your heart and soul.

GOD will send you a really hot Christian guy to date, but satan will start to work on your heart, on your mind, on your soul by talking to you!

Stay free in CHRIST as you date! Stay free in CHRIST as your single like me..... Do not start obsessing on the opposite sex or dating. This will take some practice, some grace from GOD, a lot of praying and a lot of watching yourself day and night to make sure your staying centered on JESUS and the bible!

Here is an article all about the bondage to dating and the opposite sex -->>>

So if your in spiritual chains tonight over a guy or girl, wow, don't you wanna be free again in Christ?

Do you really want to focus on guys that much or girls that much, or sex, or dating, or co workers at work? Is it worth it?

satan knows when he can get us to obsess on dating and the opposite sex, we will not read the bible much anymore. We will not pray much either! Our fire for the LORD will get smaller and smaller until the entire fire is completely out of our heart and soul and now we are cold for JESUS! Satan knows all of this.

satan knows when he can get us to do this, we will not sleep good anymore, we will not want to go to church anymore either!

Why? Because we are being tied down in real spiritual chains of darkness that are all over our heart, our mind, our soul!!!

I have been single a very very long time, and I assure you I have been through these attacks many MANY TIMES!!!

Every time I fall for these attacks, these attacks on dating or the opposite sex, all kinds of hell will rain down over my entire life!

And now I am in big trouble just like many of you are tonight!

And why? Because we took our eyes off of JESUS, off of the bible, off of ministry work and put them on dating, loneliness, sex,  guys & girls, or even some of our co workers at work or even some of our church members!

This is an attack and trap that satan uses against us constantly!!! Trust me, I am an expert on this topic UN fortunately for me!!

Where we put our focus will take us STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN, or straight to the lake of fire!!!

It is true!!! This is how important it is when we focus on something. It can even change our destiny with GOD....

I wanna get married, many of you wanna date and get married too........ Praise GOD.... But we CANNOT FOCUS ON IT!

If we start focusing on it, the demons will come and jack slam us!!! Now we will get into terrible tormenting and bondage!!!

This is why the bible warns us over and over again to watch very carefully what we think about! Some of these warnings are in Philippians chapter 4.

So if your being tormented this weekend over a guy or girl, this is so UN NATURAL, this is so UN BIBLICAL, this is SO NOT what GOD wants for your life!

Or maybe your in bondage to another Christian person at church! Yes, the demons can use any person to attack you with! And this is NOT just the demons attacking you, the main problem is that there is emptiness inside of you and you are trying to fill it up with a guy or girl, instead of JESUS and the bible and ministry work!

The main attack, the BIG BIG GUN satan uses is = SEX, Dating, loneliness, no wife or husband yet & ESPECIALLY the opposite sex!

Your new boyfriend is so NOT worth you being demonically tormented over!! Right sister? Would you like to be free again in JESUS?

Brother, GOD has huge plans for you to do still. Are you sure you wanna kill yourself emotionally speaking over your new girlfriend????

Son of GOD, is she worth this? If you stay focused on your new girlfriend, you might even lose your ministry work!

The demons attack us emotionally! They talk to us, changing our mind, changing our thoughts, changing our emotions! And they can be very subtle. We could actually be sitting around thinking very bad thoughs for 30 seconds before we even catch ourselves!

Child of GOD, you had such a good ministry work going on for years. Now you got a new boyfriend and you started obsessing on him!

You started thinking about him day and night, even having dreams about him! Now the demons came too and you are finding that you are being tormented terribly now!

Son of GOD, you repented, you got back with JESUS, you were doing good work helping people, but out of nowhere a new girl came into your life!

You lost your focus, you lost your prayer life, you stopped reading the bible 7 nights a week, you cut back your ministry work! You reasoned to yourself that you cut back your entire spiritual life because you had to make time to date this brand new girlfriend that came into your life! So what did you do? You started cutting back your praying, your bible reading, your ministry work, your church attendance all for this new girl.

All because you got a new girlfriend!!! All because you got a new boyfriend daughter of GOD? Is this worth it!

I hate it when I fall for these traps!

I hate it when I start to focus on how I am alone, or how I focus on that new girl, or how I focus on trying to start dating. I hate it! Why do I hate it? Because these are very POWERFUL very DEVASTATING attacks against us children of GOD that usually start raining down hell in our lives!

What a diabolical trap satan lays for us children of GOD using dating, loneliness, sex and the opposite sex!

Now that the demons and our flesh are tormenting us over our new boyfriend or girlfriend, guess what comes next???

That is right! Lust.................. Lust comes next along with fear, anxiety, jealousy and all kinds of demonic obsessions!!!

What started out as a blessing from GOD when he sent you a new friend into your life has now turned into the exorcist movie!!!

AND GOD is not laughing about this and neither am I. This is a very very serious problem that the world wide church is facing during these end times.

And during all of this terrible tormenting, you can feel the demons of lust, fear, anxiety, worry and jealousy living with you. Now you have all kinds of worrying, anxiety, fear, jealousy and other forms of tormenting inside of you!


Because you are not sure he is going to fall in love with you, or you are not sure where he is tonight. After all you have called him 10 times already today and he is not answering his phone. So because of this, the demons of fear, anxiety, worry and jealousy start really coming against you!

Worrying about where your boyfriend or girlfriend is tonight, or who they are with is the EXACT OPPOSITE of focusing on and being free in JESUS CHRIST!

Now child of GOD, I want you to give your boyfriend completely to JESUS. Do this in your heart and soul tonight and be free again! You do not have to break up with him, but in your heart, in your soul, in your mind please hand him to JESUS and allow the LORD to rule in this brand new relationship!

Let go sister of GOD, let go of the bondage, let go of the anxiety, let go of the fear, let go of the jealousy which are all DEMONS!

Brother in CHRIST, get your mind off of your girlfriend. Stop thinking about her. Give her completely to JESUS, I mean COMPLETELY!

Brother, are you sure you wanna give up your ministry for this new girl who is probably going to break up with you next month anyway?

This battle is in our mind over our thoughts!!! We are in spiritual warfare! The mind and thoughts are spirit! Our enemies are spirit! You are under attack in the spirit against your mind, your thoughts, your imaginations, even your heart can be under attack to change the focus of your heart from JESUS onto this new boyfriend you just got.

We have got to break free from the bondage to dating and the opposite sex! We have to, we must, we better give him or her to JESUS! That does not mean we have to break up with him, that means to walk away from the bondage and to truly give this brand new relationship to JESUS while you walk free again in JESUS and the bible.

I mean who cares that you got a new hot boyfriend? Is it really that big of a deal sister of GOD? Think about it, is it ?

Brother in CHRIST, maybe you got a brand new girlfriend who is like a super model, so what? Is it really a big deal?

Or is your flesh and the demonic making it a big deal? Are they making it a much bigger deal in your mind than it really is?

I mean she is not THE CHRIST, right brother? So what is the big deal that you got a new girlfriend? Stay centered on JESUS brother!!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we OBSESSED ON JESUS even half as much as we do when we get a new boyfriend or girlfriend?  Oh wow, we would be walking around like John the Baptist then if we did it even half as much with JESUS as we do over guys and girls!

If you will get back centered on JESUS and the bible sister of GOD, you can get out of this fleshly demonic trap that was laid for you! Think about all of the tears you cried over this guy sister in GOD.. Was it worth it? No..... You are under attack by the enemy! They will attack us using our ministry work, our church, our relationship with other Christians and ESPECIALLY THE OPPOSITE SEX & sex itself!

Are you finally learning children of GOD why Paul said it was better to go at life as single? I am slowly learning this! I pray you are too....

It is so hard, SO HARD to stay focused on JESUS, the bible & ministry work when we focus on our new boyfriend or girlfriends! It is impossible actually.

Think about all your sleepless nights sister, when your boyfriend would not return your calls, or when you did not know where he was all night long. Was it worth it? No way! Be free again, pray again, get back to the bible again, lay low on dating for a while.

If your obsessed on your new boyfriend or girlfriend this weekend, call off all dating for a while, even for 1-2-3 months and get centered again on JESUS, the bible and ministry work.

Practice your spiritual warfare, CAST OUT all thoughts of dating, sex, your boyfriend or girlfriend, where they are tonight, who they are with etc etc and get back to being free again in the LORD!

Cast out all of the bad imaginations seeing him with another girl, seeing him sinning tonight etc etc.

Most of these thoughts and imaginations are actually demonic attacks against you, while some of them can come from the evil flesh in you or the darkness that is still in your own heart.

Here is the article again on - Bondage to the opposite sex and dating -->>>

GOD wants you free, JESUS wants you free, I want you free, you wanna be free again walking with JESUS closely! Now fight! Fight back.... Say no to obsessing on the opposite sex. Say no to all thoughts about him or her. Say no to all the bad imaginations in you! Cast the evil spirits away from you in the powerful name of JESUS!

Cast the demons out of you of - Jealousy, fear, anxiety, turmoil, confusion & ESPECIALLY THE LUST!!!

Many times if not almost always, when GOD sends us a new friend to date, the demon of lust is watching you VERY VERY CAREFULLY, just waiting for you and your new boyfriend to do certain things that will allow this evil spirit to attack and torment you!

Cast that lust out of you in the powerful name of JESUS brother in CHRIST! Be free again like you use to be with JESUS....

If you are single now walking very closely with JESUS, you are much MUCH MUCHHHHH MORE blessed than someone who is dating now!

I pray brother, I pray sister that GOD will teach you this truth!

Here is a huge article on Christian dating...
 I pray it will help you greatly -->>>

Even though GOD sent you a new person to date, to get to know, to maybe even love, GOD does not want you obsessing on him or her!!!

If you lost control of your thoughts this week or this weekend, if you cannot stop thinking about this guy or girl constantly, Cry out to the LORD JESUS for help, to guard your thoughts, to free you, to bless you again.........

Call off all dating for a little while with him or her. How long? GOD will show you. GOD will help you to know when it might be safe to date again.

Call off all dating, all of everything with him or her until your thoughts have calmed down until the lust is gone and your practicing to get back with JESUS.

Once your back with JESUS, when the joy is back, the peace is back, the clarity is back in your mind, then pray - About contacting your boyfriend or girlfriend again...... Lay low people, your flesh, your own flesh inside of you is trying to destroy you!

And if your flesh were not a big enough enemy, the demons will come and try to destroy you too by talking to you, they will tag team you and try to destroy your entire walk with JESUS. This is very serious!

I mean what is the purpose of having 5 hour talks with your new boyfriend? Please tell me how this is going to help you, or your ministry or GOD? Sister, what is the purpose of dating him 5 nights a week? How is this helping you? Or your spiritual life? Brother, why are you calling her 5 times a day? Why not call JESUS 5 times a day instead and now you will be really blessed!

The LORD wants you free from the bondage to dating, sex, loneliness and your boyfriend or girlfriend...... Be free in CHRIST while you date.

Be free while you date, be free tonight in CHRIST even if he or she will not call you back, even if they are with another girl tonight etc etc so what! Be free anyways, because the CHRIST died for you on the cross so you could be free from all of this evil garbage!

Please, PLEASE please WORK ON being free again in JESUS.. Please make JESUS and the bible more important than anyone else, than anything else, than everything else in your entire universe!

When GOD sent you a new boyfriend or girlfriend, that was not a sign to start ignoring JESUS and the bible and your ministry work, noooooooooooo. It was a sign that he is answering your prayers, that he loves you, that GOD cherishes you, that GOD has not forgotten about you!

Do not ignore JESUS, the bible & your ministry work when you date, in fact DO THE OPPOSITE... Praise JESUS more, pray more, read more while you date and watch and see what will happen!

NO matter how pretty your girlfriend is, no matter how hot your new boyfriend is, never ever ever ignore JESUS, the bible or ministry work! If you do start ignoring JESUS, the bible and ministry work, oh wow are you gonna get slammed by satan!

A new boyfriend is a huge blessing from GOD, do not let your flesh nor the demons twist it into a terrible terrible curse and attack for you! Now with GOD'S grace, you can turn this around! How? Stop all thoughts of your boyfriend or girlfriend except when you are praying for them, stop all imaginations of them! Stop future dreaming. Stop all imaginations of being with them in the future. After all, most of them are going to break up with you next month or the month after anyways. So why bother future dreaming?

Spend way more time with JESUS and the bible like you use to before you met this new person. Get back to doing ministry work, helping people, blessing people, feeding people, clothing people again.

Do the things again that are IMPORTANT.............. Lay low on dating a little! Lay low on those long 5 hour talks with him! Stop that! Stop sending him 100 texts a day, all that is really doing is hurting him and yourself spiritually and emotionally! It is not doing any good at all. Do not allow your boyfriend to replace JESUS in your heart, soul & mind! Do not let him replace your bible reading......

Do not let your new girlfriend replace your ministry work brother of GOD!

We have to STOP trying to fill up that terrible emptiness inside of us with a guy or girl! We MUST STOP doing this. We have to try to fill up that terrible emptiness inside of us with JESUS, the bible, ministry work and with the kingdom of GOD!

When you get married, now your spouse will be raised MUCH HIGHER on the list of things to do. Paul talked about this! Once your married, you have become one with your husband, now you two are one person in CHRIST! But while simply dating, stop the bondage, stop the 5 hour talks, stop the 1000 texts to each other, STICK WITH JESUS like you were doing before!

When you talk for 5 hours with her, when you text 1000 times, when you focus on her day and night guess what? BONDAGE............

Say no to your flesh, no to the lust, no to the demons.......... Say yes to JESUS day and night while you casually get to know your boyfriend or girlfriend having peace, joy, love, compassion and CHRIST!

It is perfectly biblical to pray for a new boyfriend or girlfriend to date and marry. Praise GOD. But do not let satan turn this into an attack, into a curse, into demonic bondage in your life!

You get only one chance here on earth... Be free in CHRIST. Do not obsess on any guy or girl or boss or co worker or fellow Christian! It is soooooooooooooooooo NOT important compared to JESUS, heaven, your new mansion, your new body, GOD the FATHER, helping others, building up treasures in heaven etc etc!

Go back to your first love now! Go back to your first way of doing things with JESUS and the bible......... CALM DOWN on your dating, calm down on your texting, calm down on your obsessing on him. It is NOT WORTH IT, AMEN!

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Now practice calling your boyfriend or girlfriend, staying calm, pushing down the flesh, casting out the demons, dating him or her with JESUS in the middle of the date. If your dating now and you have that terrible lust, you are dating IN CORRECTLY. Make JESUS more important!! Make the bible more important, then push back the importance of dating slightly, and be free again in JESUS!

If your dating your Christian boyfriend or girlfriend 4-5 times a week, that is too much!! I tell you straight, that is too much for a child of GOD to be dating someone. What about prayer night? What about ministry work? What about dating JESUS? What about bible reading after dinner? What about passing out food to the homeless, what about clothing people who are poor, what about feeding people who are hungry? Do not waste so much time dating when you could be doing things for the kingdom of GOD that will follow you into eternity!

If you are calling your boyfriend or girlfriend 3 times a day for long talks, that is too much for a child of GOD!

You have the CREATOR living inside of you, you have VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO FOR GOD STILL IN YOUR LIFE!

If I am dating 4-5 nights a week, how on earth can GOD use me? Sure he could use me a tiny bit, but I do not want that, no way! Is that what you want?

JESUS loves you! He sent you your boyfriend or girlfriend to bless you. Do not turn this incredible blessing into a curse!

Maybe your begging GOD for a boyfriend or girlfriend because your lonely. Well boy do I completely understand this!

But we do not want to fill up that emptiness inside of us with a guy or girl, we want JESUS and the bible to fill us up!

So if your praying for a new boyfriend or girlfriend because your lonely, you are actually asking GOD to do something that will hurt you greatly! GOD wants to fill you up with his HOLY GHOST and with JESUS and the bible and ministry work, not having a guy or girl fill you up! So pray for a new boyfriend or girlfriend when you are walking closely with JESUS, when you are battling against the loneliness using spiritual warfare!

Being lonely is a terrible terrible reason to pray for a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Or it is a terrible reason to date your boyfriend or girlfriend!

We want to practice spiritual warfare to fight against the loneliness using , JESUS, the bible, helping others and casting out demons!

This is all about battling against loneliness --->>>>

This talk tonight is NOT anti - dating! NO not at all. It is about learning how to date healthily while staying super focused on JESUS!

It is about learning how to focus less on our boyfriend or girlfriend, more on JESUS, the bible, ministry work, eternity etc etc!!

This talk tonight was about practicing to be completely free in JESUS CHRIST while you date someone.

It is all about staying with JESUS, the bible and ministry work while freely and peacefully trying to get to know a new guy or girl!

 You have GOD living in you, you have VERY IMPORTANT things to do for GOD still. Do not let a new boyfriend or girlfriend change who you are in JESUS!

Love, your servant Garrett

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