A Demonic Experience

A Demonic Experience!

Hello brothers and sisters, praise GOD for all of you!

I wanted to share with you a very evil experience I had gone through a few years ago.

I pray that GOD will use this experience to help you, teach you, encourage you and motivate you to keep seeking out JESUS and the holy bible more and more in your day to day life.

Love, your servant Garrett


About 5 years ago it all started. I was in my apartment when out of nowhere I heard some noises on my roof. Not on my ceiling, but noises were coming from outside on top of the roof of my apartment. At first I did not know what it was. I thought maybe a big dog might have gotten up there, or some kind of other animal. The problem was, the noise did not go away.

The noises sounded like someone or something was slowly walking on the roof of my apartment, almost always right above my head. I remember thinking it sounds like a man might be up on the roof, or possibly even a homeless person who had nowhere else to go. I thought maybe I should call the police because this person might try to enter one of our apartments or something like that. But instead I decided to go up into the laundry room which was located outside of our apartments upstairs. It was equivalent to the roof on the second story above a stair case. In the laundry room, there was a door that had see through windows on it. So from the laundry room you could actually look through its back door and see everything on our roof.

I remember when I first decided to go look who was walking on top of my apartment, I was a little scared when I first exited my front door. After all, it sounded like a guy was right above me on the roof. So I slowly walked out of my front door and quickly looked up to the roof to find out who it might be.

But a very strange thing happened! No one was there! This was very puzzling, that is for sure. So now I walked up the stair case into our laundry room fully expecting to see a grown man on top of the roof standing where my apartment was located. But once again, when I finally got up the staircase and looked through the window of the laundry room, there was no one on the roof. No man, no woman, no animal either. So now I thought this was very very strange.

I went back down to my apartment now feeling bewildered. As I got in my apartment, and by the way, this was in the day time around 2 pm. As I got back into my apartment and walked around a little bit, there it was. Someone or something was on my roof following me. That means as I walked to my kitchen, many times this person or thing would walk on the roof over to my kitchen to right above me. Then as I would walk back to the living room, this thing would follow me walking right on top of me still.

A couple days later in broad daylight, when I heard this entity walking on the roof of my apartment right above me, I quickly ran out of my apartment, up the staircase of the laundry room to go see what this was. I wanted to find out once and for all who was doing this to me. But once again, as I looked out of the back door of the laundry room, no one was there!

Now this thing started walking on the roof of my apartment at night time. Whether it was dinner time and I was eating dinner, or even later at night as it was time to lay down in bed, this entity was up there slowly walking around on my roof, while most of the time following me as I moved around my own apartment from room to room.

Now in the daytime, I could handle this, barely haha....... But nighttime was a little more scary that is for sure.

When this first started happening, this was a very unique experience and I often times felt very surreal inside of me. Almost like I was dreaming, or living in a dream world.

Yet! Each time I ran outside up to the roof, there was nobody there. At least nobody I could see.

Slowly over the period of 2-7 days, GOD was revealing to me this was a demon.

Now please let me go into a little bit more detail........

When the demon on the roof would walk around, you could hear his claws on the roof of my apartment. I do not mean human nails, I mean it sounded like what the claws of a dragon would sound like if a dragon was walking up on my roof. Many times when the demon would walk on the roof, GOD allowed me to hear his claws very clearly and distinctly as the demon moved around. When I go would into the bathroom, quite often the demon would walk over there on top of me. Then when I would move back to the living room, the demon would move back over there on top of me or close to me. This went on for quite a while actually.

More Noises:

Another noise I could hear up on the roof was the tail of the demon. Now this did NOT sound like a tail of say a dog dragging, and not like the tail of a cat or animal either. This sounded like a big, real thick type of a tail more like what a dragon would have. This was a thick tail, possibly 1-2 feet thick that was being dragged around on top of my roof by this demon. So as the demon walked around on my roof, I could hear his claws making noise on my roof, along with his thick tail being dragged behind him. As I went through this day and night, day and night, and with GOD'S revelations pouring into me, I obviously knew this was a demon who got permission from GOD to do this to me.


GOD used this experience to show me that even though I believed in the demons already, I did not believe with all of my heart and soul and mind. So one of the reasons why GOD allowed this demon to come against me in this way was to teach me that yes, the evil angels are real, and I have to start taking my spiritual warfare seriously. Another reason why GOD allowed this to happen was to show me that spiritual warfare was more real than I was believing at the time. GOD used this experience to really start the process of opening up my eyes to the demonic realm!

This experience was also very humbling. And GOD used this experience to cause me to pray more too. So praise GOD that he is able and powerful enough to use evil for our good, amen to that!


Many times at nighttime while I was laying in bed, it had been a few hours since I had heard the demon up on the roof following me around. Then out of nowhere while I laid in bed trying to go to sleep, the demon would run on my roof real fast towards me and stop right above me. It was almost like he was a linebacker for a football team and he was charging at me. When that first happened, that was a little scary. But praise GOD, as the weeks and months went by, it bothered me less and less. Once in a while I would be sound asleep only to be woken up by this same demons running towards me on the roof, with his claws and huge tail making noise up there.


One time in the middle of the day, I walked up to the laundry room and as I looked out through the window onto the roof area above my apartment, I decided to command the demon to appear so I could see what it was. I tried this 2-3 different times throughout the month, but the demon never appeared.

Praise GOD he did not appear, it probably would of scared me :(

If I can remember correctly, it is quite possibly I commanded the demon to leave me in the name of JESUS on a few different occasions. But the demon either would leave for a short time and come back, or he would not leave.


As the months passed by, this demon bothered me emotionally speaking less and less, or at least that was true most of the time.

During this time I met a male friend on the Internet. We use to talk a few times a week and GOD blessed me this man, but also put me through some difficult experiences too.

As a few months passed by, I started to get all kinds of pressure and stress on me, and as usual, this brought more and more demons to me to torment me.

At this time, I had known this friend for about 4 months approximately.

One night when I was doing very badly spiritually and emotionally speaking, something told me to call my friend on the phone. I was feeling so much fear, anxiety, lust, depression, despair etc etc that I did not know what to do.

So I called him and he immediately knew something was very wrong with me. He knew right away I had many many demons inside of me. So he told me to put my phone on speaker and to sit down in the middle of my living room. I was going through so much demonic attack, I was now in a daze, or I felt like I was switching from different realities.

But I put my cell phone on speaker, sat down in the middle of my living room and kept quiet while my friend commanded the demons to leave me.

Well! It worked praise GOD!

Many many demons left me, including one demon that was in the shape of a sphere...........

Around this time, I mentioned to my friend about the demon who was been tormenting me on top of my roof. Praise GOD not only did my friend believe me, but my friend also said he could see the demon up there, that means in the spirit realm.

New Demonic Knowledge:

My friend taught me on the phone to simply ignore the demon. Nobody had taught me that before, so this was a new suggestion that I was trying to understand. But since my friend was so smart, so experienced and everything else, I believed what he was teaching me praise GOD. I started to simply just ignore this demon and by doing that, the demon bothered me less and less and less. Then! My friend commanded this demon to leave me permanently. It is a little hard to remember how fast the demon left my roof, or if he came back a few times before he left permanently, but praise GOD the demon did leave permanently and I was free from that evil on my roof.

Yes ignoring demons can be a VERY POWERFUL FORM of Spiritual Warfare to practice.

Yes! Just simply ignore them.


I pray that GOD has taught you, encouraged you, motivated you and has given you a brand new determination to draw closer to JESUS and the bible, while at the same time, practicing your spiritual warfare with a brand new fire in you!

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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