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How Can I Get Closer to JESUS?

 *Wrists Cry Tears of Blood*

(One mans incredible testimony of just how far JESUS will go to bring one of his lost sheep out of the clutches of Satan and darkness back to the Loving arms of JESUS)

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The Greatest End Time Enemy

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Brand New - Today Is A Great Day

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 JESUS Our Righteousness!

 Can We Trust JESUS?

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 Is There Still Time For A Christian To Go To College?

How Old Is The Universe, The Earth, Dinosaurs & Angels?

 Why Is Life So Hard?

 Change Me JESUS!

Love Warns!!!

 Time! How Are You Spending It?

Are You Ready To Enter Heaven For Eternity?

 The Real Battle!!

The Broken End-Time Church & Incredible End Time Events!!!

  What Does It Really Mean To Be Abiding In JESUS?

 Pride / Porn!

 Sunshine, Daughter of Sacrifice!

Here is the chilling TRUE story of how the LORD JESUS used one of his
 Christian warriors to bring glory to HIMSELF & to the kingdom of GOD!

O LORD JESUS - Teach Me How To Know Who Is Safe To Date & Marry

 Why Wait Any Longer?

 Then, Out Of Nowhere It Happened ->

  Science Proves The Bible!

GOD Loves You!!

  Lord How Can I Find More Time Out Of My Busy Day To Spend It With You?

   Are You Thinking Of Marrying A
 *Non Believer?
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 Grace Leads To Repentance!


Garrett's Life

 Banking! One Of The Greatest Deceptions

The Great Deception!

 The Great White Throne of Judgment!

 Do You Know Where JESUS Was?

 Spiritual Peaks & Terrible Valleys

 Where Are All Of
 The Men Of GOD?

For Women Too!

 In The Potters Hands!

 Where Angels Fear To Tread

 Be Encouraged Child Of GOD!!


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 What Would You Be Willing To Do


Do Christians Love Guns?

Pain, Hurting & The LORD!!




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  The Holy Bible, Wholly True




Christian, do not tell us to shut up!



 Are You Luke Warm?



 The List Of Importance!!!








The Book Of Revelations!






  Are You Drinking Energy Drinks?




  Why Does It Sometimes Seem Like JESUS Doesn't Love Us?



 Are You Having Marriage Problems?

 The Truth!

 Why All of the Confusion Over  The AntiChrist? 

The Man of Lawlessness!

 Stop For The One!

Is It Biblical For Christians To Be Wealthy?


Martial Arts / Spiritual Warfare Training

 Singleness, Loneliness, Lust, Sadness & Grace!

Denominations! Hmmmm

How Sad!!!

  Does The Old Testament Give Us The Exact Date That God's Son Would Enter Into Jerusalem?

  Why all the Confusion over Speaking in Tongues?

  Could The USA Be The Mystery Babylon Mentioned In The Book Of Revelations?

 Did People Worship JESUS In The Bible?

The LORD, Singleness & Marriage!!!

  Over 300 Prophecies that JESUS FULFILLED







Whom EXACTLY is this Angel?



Are We Christians Waiting For Israel To Build A 3rd Temple ?   Hmmmm





Sin, Addictions, Failures & The LORD!!

 Are You Still Celebrating Holidays?
Check This Out!!!

A Very Evil Santa Claus!!!

 Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The Myth of Santa Claus VERSUS the Reality of JESUS